LifeVantage Eye Health Essentials Stack

Because Fancy Sunglasses Aren’t Enough

A combination of three products that put a sharp focus on the health of your eyes.

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Your vision is a window to the many wonders and beauties of life. But protecting eye health can be easy to overlook. This stack offers a special focus on your eyes, which are constantly exposed to stresses from the environment: Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer® activates production of your body’s own powerful antioxidants for a first line of protection. LifeVantage® Omega+ supplies essential fatty acids for overall eye health and to support sending visual signals to your brain. And LifeVantage IC Bright® will shield your eyes from the effects of ever-growing exposure to digital devices and reduce feelings of eye strain and fatigue.*

Provides a first line of defense against oxidative stress in the eye*
Supports eye health and comfort*
Supports healthy vision and brain health*
Replenishes macular pigment to help filter blue light from digital devices (and the sun)*
Helps support normal sleep patterns, which may be disrupted by too much blue light*

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer: Activates your own natural antioxidants to defend eye cells against oxidative stress.*
LifeVantage Omega+: Fish oil helps lubricate the eye and supports health of the brain—where you actually “see.”*
LifeVantage IC Bright:  Eye and brain health complex shields from effects of blue-light and promotes healthy vision.*

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