LifeVantage Well-Being Essentials Stack

Being Well—Body, Mind, and Mood

A stack of supplements with a holistic set of benefits to help you feel healthy and happy.

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Whole well-being starts with a holistic approach. Supporting all aspects of your health—from your cells to your brain to your gut—is vital for a balanced body and mind that can meet the demands of everyday life. So, stack up the benefits with this set of supplements: Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer® helps activate your body’s natural ability to protect cells against free radicals caused by a modern lifestyle as it enhances your resilience to stress. LifeVantage® Omega+ delivers cell-nourishing essential fatty acids that support cognitive function and mood. And LifeVantage® ProBio replenishes beneficial microbes to your gut—a major communication center with your brain—to help keep you in balance.*

Protects and maintains overall cellular health and function.*
Helps your body manage physical and mental stress.*
Supports a calm, balanced mood. *
Helps maintain healthy cognitive function.*
Promotes a healthy gut microbiome and immune responses.*

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